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about the market

The Sherman Farmers Market offers direct from farmers, fresh fruits and vegetables, grass fed beef, flowers, eggs, local honey, soaps, and gourmet artisan food specialties for households who attend each week. 

Our History

The Sherman Farmers Market has been hosting producers and crafters since 2013 when it opened on Wall Street in Sherman, Texas.  In 2017, we relocated to the corner of Houston and Crockett in downtown Sherman.  


In the vein of "know you farmer; know your food," we are a producers only market.  Our vendors either grow, raise, or make the products they sell.  Our driving passion is to bring locally  produced goods to the residents of Grayson County.  

Customer benefits include:

  • Obtain farm-fresh fruits and vegetables that have a shorter farm-to-table trip.

  • Purchase directly from a family farm.

  • Obtain cultural/specialty fruits and vegetables not easily available in supermarkets.

  • Purchase of local products, which strengthen the local economy while decreasing the demand on transportation from outlying areas.

Producer’ Benefits include:

  • Access to outlets where tree-ripened and vine-ripened produce is in high demand.

  • Access to immediate cash payment.

  • A place to sell heirloom, antique and/or specialty crops directly to consumers

  • A place to sell smaller quantities not usually accepted on the shipping channel(s).

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